📷 Christmas in Budapest, 2023

Budapest is often considered one of the cities with the best vibes during the Christmas holidays, so I decided to finally visit it properly this year.

After several times transiting through Budapest and spending only a short period of time, I now had an opportunity to explore the city properly.

It was five short but packed days, visiting the Christmas market and the city’s most important sights and places and attending Christmas in Leipzig – 1723, The Hungarian National Philharmonic’s Holiday Concert.

I also have to mention that I had some great coffee — I wasn’t aware that there are so many specialty coffee places and local roasters, although I heard that Budapest has a strong coffee culture.

Although I didn’t manage to visit even half of the coffee shops I planned since they were closed for the Christmas Holidays, the three coffee shops I like most and recommend are Madal, Flow, and Arch & Beans.

Now, enjoy some photos.